service Teak Land Reak Estate Broker

1. Information about the houses for sale nearby.

2. Instructions on how to set the right price.

3. Check the condition of the house to prepare it for sale.

4. Install a placard in front of property and location-based.

5. Take property and information assets into the Internet:

6. Advertising in print media such as local newspapers, brochures, leaflets.

7. Coordinate with Sales Representatives local realtors The sale proceeds

8. clients buyers The request for the land to see the property for sale.

9. Bring Customers interested visitors land on consignment with us.

10. Mediation is a bargain for the two sides are satisfied.

11. The contract for the purchase – sale. And various legal matters To be completed

12. provide free credit to the buyer with the lowest interest rate borrowing up.

13. Prepare, coordinate legal and conveyancing.

14. Take care of the tax benefits and the fair and smooth transfer. (Transfer fees, minimum)

15. Take care of registration, transfer of electricity supply to the buyer and seller.

16. The supply of new homes for sale that are looking to purchase a new home.

17. Provide tenants If the sale or for rent.

18. Free market value throughout the contract period.